The Furthur Down the Road Foundation

Properly Tuned, the Radio Crackles and We Listen…

We all know what they say about the best laid plans, don’t we? Here in the realm of those we call the Merry Pranksters, that paradigm really applies to any laid plans, never mind the best ones! In other words, here we celebrate randomness and embrace the spirit of anything goes. If ever there was an instruction manual for how to go about saving the bus, a step by step primer dead-icated to throwing a little sunshine on our daydream – well, somebody seems to have chucked it out the window before we’re even out of first gear. And truth be told, we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Take this blog for example. It began with the high-minded idea to tell the story of the bus, the trip and the people in some sort of orderly, linear fashion. We started out OK, and eventually we are confident the story will be told in full. But along the way the road will twist and turn, as roads so often do, and we’ll be diverted by dispatches from the fringe. That’s the beauty of participating in the story as it continues to unfold.

And so it is that we at Furthur Down the Road received the following piece of the story from Ken Babbs, the Intrepid Traveler himself, and we are happy to share his words with those who’ve decided to join us for the ride.

“So they asked me why there were no long haired people on the bus. A blast from a past experience. We’re trying to get to the right place, the space between the now and the plow, so we might get this ground turned over into something worthwhile. The answer is, in 1964 long hair wasn’t in vogue yet. Besides that, hair is a pain in the ass to have to take care of. Short hair means you don’t have to do anything but run a wash cloth through it. All that garbage of makeup and deodorant and cologne, who needs it, it’s taking your precious time and sapping your precious energy and you’re not dealing with your natural self except of course for the oils and lubricants to keep your body slick. It’s gravity and friction we’re working against. Path of least resistance, that’s the secret.”

Thanks, Ken.

Until next time, fellow travelers, let the words be yours, we’re done with ours.