The Furthur Down the Road Foundation

Bus In the Trees

In the mid 70s I got a job helping with a roof in Pleasant Hills. When I puled in to the job site I noticed a bus sitting in the trees covered in moss and other life forms The guy came out and said “Hi there I’m Ken.” At the time I did not put it together but at my first Country Fair two weeks later I ran in to Ken again and after playing some music and having a great time talking it dawned on me that I was, in fact, hanging out with Ken Kesey and the bus I saw was the famous (at least to us “Hippies”) Further. Ken and I ran into each other through the years and the year he moved on to his next life there was a Thursday night thunder storm at the Fair and I thought it was him telling us to carry on. I was so happy to see Further coming down the road to my position directing traffic at John Wayne Bridge that tears welled up in my eyes— BillySunrise