The Furthur Down the Road Foundation

Work With Us


Furthur Down the Road is currently looking for highly qualified volunteers to help us run the organization and spread the word. If you have any of these skills and are passionate about saving Furthur, please email us.

We want your help getting the word out at events, shows, schools, and wherever we can spread our message. You don’t even need to sign up. Just download these posters or handouts, print them up, and post them or distribute them far and wide.

Marketing and Public Relations Professionals
If you’re a marketing or PR professional who’d like to put your talent to work to save the bus, we want to hear from you—especially if you’ve got the following skills: email marketing, Marketo adminstration, copy writing, social media marketing, graphic design, and SEO/SEM expertise.

Nonprofit Managers
We always looking for those who have considerable experience managing nonprofits to help us with a wide array of administrative tasks, from volunteer coordination, to bookkeeping, to general administration.

Professional Partners

It’s taken the help of several great professional partners to get us this far. We’ll need many more as continue our fundraising and begin to restore the bus.

Automotive Restorers
We’re beginning the process of finding the team of automotive restoration experts to take on this important project. If you’ve got a great portfolio of successful similar projects, we’d like to hear from you.