The Furthur Down the Road Foundation

My Client Is a Bus?

My name is Rob Wexler. I live in San Francisco, but I absolutely love making trips up to Eugene to visit one of my all time favorite clients—the Bus named Furthur or Further, depending on what side of the bus you are looking at, and how you are looking at it.

I believe that Furthur is the only inanimate object that I represent, professionally, and in any case, its not really inanimate, is it?

You see, I am a lawyer who represents nonprofit organizations; I love music, literature and counterculture. I have been doing this type of legal work for almost 30 years. Several years ago I was contacted by Jason Johnson and Stephanie Kesey to see if I would be interested in doing some pro-bono legal work to help restore this iconic piece of American History. Wow—I jumped on that opportunity.

They interviewed me on the phone, to see if was the right fit for the project and asked about my skills and credentials, but I believe the most important question during their interview of me was how many GD shows I had attended. My answer was “I lost count,” which I think was the right answer.

Not only do I enjoy visiting Eugene and meeting and connecting with those souls who have an affinity for Furthur or better yet a history with Furthur, but I think that teaching future generations about this important part of history will make for a more well rounded and thoughtful future. One can read books, and that is great, but seeing, touching and feeling the Bus gives one an entirely different appreciation of this important time and space in history and culture.

Furthur—to me is a beautiful piece of living art, that also teaches us about history, and that further (or Furthur) connects us with the wonderful literature of Ken Kesey. I am proud and delighted and honored to be a part of this wonderful project.

Join us.

Rob— Rob Wexler