The Furthur Down the Road Foundation

Merry Pranksters

The Merry Pranksters were a group of friends and family associated with Ken Kesey. Many lived together communally in a house La Honda, CA, and several traveled together across the country in Furthur in 1964.

By varying accounts, the original Pranksters included

  • Ken “Intrepid Traveler” Babbs
  • Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Adams
  • Ron “Hassler” Bevirt
  • Page “Zealot” Browning
  • Jane “Generally Famished” Burton
  • Neal “Speed Limit” Cassady
  • Mike “Camera Man” Hagen
  • Denise “Mary Microgram” Kaufmann
  • Paula “Gretchen Fetchin” Sundsten
  • George “Hardly Visible” Walker
  • Sandy “Dis-Mount” Lehmann-Haupt
  • Kathy “Stark Naked” Casano
  • John “Sometimes Missing” Babbs
  • Steve “Zonker” Lambrecht