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1964 Trip
1964 Trip

Furthur is much more than a bus. It and what it stands for have affected millions of us in so many ways. We want to hear those stories from you and share them with others. It’s more important now than ever to keep the “Prankster spirit” alive. We’ll give your stories about Ken and the bus a place for all to see, now and far into the future. Click here to submit your stories to inspire, entertain, and educate others who visit this site. We’ll post as many as we can.

A Letter From Carolyn Cassady

— Lars Trodson

Tales of Peace & Love

— Simone Spilka

“On The Bus”

— Erin Skypilot

Children of the Bus

— Jim LaFemina

My Client is a Bus?

— Rob Wexler

Bus in the Trees

— BillySunrise

Cassady and Kerouac

— Marc Spilka

My Journey to the Bus

— Derek Stevens

Tri-City Wrestling

— Edwina

Sparks Fly Upward!

— Jason Johnson, Director, The Furthur Down the Road Foundation