Furthur Down the Road


Furthur Down the Road would not be possible without the generous support of numerous partners who’ve provided their products or services free or at greatly reduced rates. We’re so glad these talented experts and companies are “On the Bus.”

Legal Services
Robert Wexler, Adler & Colvin, San Francisco, CA
Ian Richardson, Gleaves Swearingen, Eugene, OR

Web Design and Development
Wayne Skipper, Jeremy AAsum, Jason Cowsill, and Cale Bruckner
Concentric Sky, Eugene, OR

Pam Whyte, Emge & Whyte, CPAs, Eugene, OR

Marketo; Furthur Down the Road is a 2013 winner of Marketo’s Product Donation Program for nonprofits.
Salesforce.com, through their Power of Us product donation program.

Web Hosting

Copywriting & Editing Consultants
Peter Conners, author of JAMerica and Growing Up Dead
Jim LaFemina, Speechwriter for John S. Pistole, TSA Administrator